Which smartphones are VR compatible? Well there are two answers to this: short and long. Short answer: Any, really. As long as they have a gyroscope and a decent size screen. 4.7” and above should do just fine. However, for all those who have actually tasted Virtual Reality just any smartphone won’t be enough. So if you really want to get closer to Oculus or HTC Vive experience, continue reading to find out what smartphones are capable of delivering a VR experience that you canContinue Reading “Best Smartphone for Virtual Reality (VR): what you need to know”

Is email dead? Not quite and I believe it will stick around for a while. Although it is true that a good share of email communication has been replaced by text messaging and IM’s. However, people are getting hundreds of work-related emails every day. While most of them are being read and answered on a PC or a laptop, the other part is left for smartphones while traveling and out of working hours. Since emailing and messaging with smartphones is not going anywhere, let’s quicklyContinue Reading “Best Smartphone for email and texting: top picks for 2016”

Whether you for drive Uber, Lync or deliver food for Deliveroo you are highly dependent on two things: your transportation and navigation device – a smartphone. Which one is more important? I guess both are crucial. Uber driver without a car – no way! And unless you know the whole city you drive in by heart, a smartphone with good navigation is going to be just as important. If you want to get those 5 stars – you will need a smartphone you can relyContinue Reading “Best smartphone for Uber drivers”

Mainstream usage of GPS (or Global Positioning System) has increased dramatically over the decade and is now widely available in most of the smartphones. But I guess this statement suits most of the today’s technology features seen is smartphones. Long gone are the times when you needed to buy an expensive standalone GPS module to be able to navigate in car travel, hiking or when sightseeing in a foreign country. However, all is not as good as it sounds. Yes, GPS chips are being installedContinue Reading “Best GPS smartphone for navigation in 2018: picks for every price range”

This guide is designed to help you choose the best available 4G enabled smartphone. That might seem as an easy task – and it actually is if you have the money to buy an Apple, Samsung or HTC flagship. However, I intend to take this one step further and omit those obvious 4G smartphone choices from this guide. But before we get to the actual phone picks let’s cover the basics and see which criteria is most relevant for choosing the best 4G smartphone. What isContinue Reading “The best 4G LTE smartphones: complete guide and deep picks”

Working in construction is among the most dangerous job paths. If you looked at the 2015 list of most dangerous professions, construction laborers rank high up the list. But if you combine all: mining, electrical, maintenance and other related jobs – as they all essentially are construction and building work – this type of careers will be the most deadly of all. Heights, heavy construction machinery and other factors make it a high risk environment. Even though the equipment used at work is designed toContinue Reading “BEST SMARTPHONE FOR CONSTRUCTION WORKERS: best phones and indestructible cases”

Choosing a phone is easy when you have the money. This rarely is the case with college students. We, college students, not only tend to have little money – more often than not it is our parent’s money that we are spending. This burdens us with even greater responsibility to spend them wisely. Ok, maybe this does not apply when we go out on weekends. Regardless, when buying expensive stuff – such as mobile phone – college students have to be particularly picky and makeContinue Reading “Smartphone for College Students: 6 best phones for all price ranges”

HUAWEI P9 $420.00 Long story short – this 5.2” baby fulfills all the requirements of a good camera smartphone. The greatest highlight is the Sony 12MP dual camera engineered in collaboration with Leica. This is a combination of two 12MP cameras (one RGB, second monochrome), which, as claimed by Huawei, allows to capture 100% more light than conventional phone cameras. This camera smartphone is perfect for those low light shots you have struggled so much to make so far! Not only have they increased theirContinue Reading “Top 6 Best Camera Smartphones for Instagram & tips how to make best pictures”

Everyone has had thoughts about having a rugged smartphone which is hard as rock. Especially at times when they just drop their smartphone from 2-feet height and are experiencing a mini-heart attach every time. Or the time when your dropped phone lands on a screen and you have a phenomenon of Schrödinger’s phone – it’s both cracked and non-cracked until the moment when you pick it up and actually see the implications. The idea having an indestructible phone has been around for a while. ThisContinue Reading “Best rugged smartphones: most durable phones + bonus tip”

4.OUKITEL K1000 $187.99 K10000’s most attractive feature is its battery. It has been admitted to be sole the owner of largest smartphone battery. This Oukitel phone has greater battery capacity than an equivalent of almost six iPhone 6s’s. That’s serious. Like go-without-charging-your-phone-for-a-week serious! Manufacturer claims 10-15 days normal use. Normal use meaning, light browsing, few calls and dimmed screen. Even if in reality with proper use we get that down to a week it’s still enough to take you back to good old Nokia 3310Continue Reading “Best Smartphone for Under 200 dollars: essential criteria and best choices”