Which smartphones are VR compatible? Well there are two answers to this: short and long. Short answer: Any, really. As long as they have a gyroscope and a decent size screen. 4.7” and above should do just fine. However, for all those who have actually tasted Virtual Reality just any smartphone won’t be enough. So if you really want to get closer to Oculus or HTC Vive experience, continue reading to find out what smartphones are capable of delivering a VR experience that you canContinue Reading “Best Smartphone for Virtual Reality (VR): what you need to know”

Mainstream usage of GPS (or Global Positioning System) has increased dramatically over the decade and is now widely available in most of the smartphones. But I guess this statement suits most of the today’s technology features seen is smartphones. Long gone are the times when you needed to buy an expensive standalone GPS module to be able to navigate in car travel, hiking or when sightseeing in a foreign country. However, all is not as good as it sounds. Yes, GPS chips are being installedContinue Reading “Best GPS smartphone for navigation in 2018: picks for every price range”

This guide is designed to help you choose the best available 4G enabled smartphone. That might seem as an easy task – and it actually is if you have the money to buy an Apple, Samsung or HTC flagship. However, I intend to take this one step further and omit those obvious 4G smartphone choices from this guide. But before we get to the actual phone picks let’s cover the basics and see which criteria is most relevant for choosing the best 4G smartphone. What isContinue Reading “The best 4G LTE smartphones: complete guide and deep picks”